Organisation Profile

The Edelmiro Antonio Foundation (EAF) is a Dutch based not for profit organization with subsidiary organizations in Africa. The EAF is registered in the city of the Hague. The EAF was founded by the heirs of Edelmiro Antonio in honor of their father whose priority it was to unconditionally look after the wellbeing of his fellow men, with the relentless help of his wife.

EAF is governed by senior professionals with a diverse experience in various academic areas. The Foundation works with volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to carry out the mission of the organisation.

The Fundação Edelmiro Antonio Angola (FEA) is the local partner responsible for the activities in Angola. The FEA Angola is governed by an autonomous board.

The Edelmiro Antonio Foundation offers aid, care and advocacy for forgotten groups in sub Saharan African countries and is dedicated to invest in a world of peace, liberty, equality, democracy and equal socio-economic opportunities for all. 

The EAF endorses the Universal  Declaration of Human Rights in all its aspects and executes
all activities and takes all decisions accordingly.  

The EAF joins forces with local and international organizations to realize common goals.


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